Hello, Welcome to the TimesSquareFantasy Theatre. We are  thrilled to bring you our musical shows , The Broadway USA Musical ShowSeries    Vol.#1,#2, #3,#4,#5,#6,  #7,& #8  Each volume is a complete  fun-filled show of songs and music..Join us! 
MP3s/downloads  are available from your favorite download music merchant. 
Thank you,
Bobby Lee  


Cast :
Frederick The Great & His Theatrical Troupe Of Characters:  "Tony The Tenor" "Tap Dance Man" "Mr.Entertainment" "Clown"   "Medicine Man" "Dancing Fool"
"Social Freak" "Son-Of-A-Gun" "BroadwayCowboy"
"Party Person" "Fanny"
"Sugar Daddy" plus ..New Additional cast; "Here Comes Mary", "Queenie", "Fairy In My Garden"
"Gay Entertainer"

"Rodeo Kid"  "Country Singer" "Lanky Lone Cowboy".
"Wild And Crazy Lover", "Big Fat Lovin Woman", "Sailor's Dream" , Broadway Woman.......and many others .
There's Tons of Laughs and Buckets of Tears in the one hour shows .


Hear all eight SHOWS now ! Newest attraction ! Bobby Lee's Good American Music Show "Publisher's Choice" Broadway USA Vol.8. 

All of the songs in the Broadway USA Musical Show Series are NEVER HEARD BEFORE..new songs and published and produced by Cude & Pickens Publishing, BMI. 

All songs are available for  synchronization & master licensing  agreements .

Lyrics for all of the songs in the TimesSquare Fantasy Theatre Shows available via Lyricfind .
Notes/hints and tidbit page !
(1.) Buttered Pop Corn comes in handy when enjoying the TimesSquareFantasy Theatre shows.
(2.) Use of headphones when listening to the hard copies of the shows enhances the experience.

COMING UP! List ,when available , of Cruise ships which feature LIVE stage show performances of the TimesSquare Fantasy Theatre Shows .

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