Future musical shows ,  are in the works ! With Volume #9 coming up soon ! To be Followed, hopefully , with more shows ! Exclusively from the BMI Cude And PIckens Publishing song catalog .

As a reminder , and notice , to those , to whom have visited this site before , and whom expected to hear, the TimesSquareFantasyTheatre shows , which were available, at that time , are now directed to go to their favorite music streaming service . Type in , Times Square Fantasy Theatre ! That should set you up , to hear all of the audio musical shows. On line !

For individual home use ! Hard copies (CDs) of the musical shows , are available via orders placed with hardhatrecords@bellsouth.net  . Each audio show, is approxlmately, one hour listening time , from the OVERTURE TO THE FINALE !

The designers/producers of the audio shows , recommend , the use of ear/headphones, for the best listening enjoyment pleasure !


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